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Sure has been a rough winter! We so anxious to come back north & start seeding on Long Island. We have many inquiries about Spring crops and when locally-grown crops become available on Long Island. So here's the schedule:

We have Sugar Snaps now, but certainly not locally grown. Local peas don't start until May/June. I know it's counter-intuitive, because one imagines it's Spring on the calendar that there should be peas already, but they only get seeded in the Spring around mid-late March. Then it's a good 60 days from that before harvest. So the earliest you might see them is the end of May. Volume gets rolling in early June. Favas too, we're talking mid-June harvest dates.

Asparagus & Ramps are on a different schedule because they are not newly seeded in the Spring- they grow from roots already in the ground. Asparagus from Long Island you'll see starting around April 28th. Because they are not dependent on a seeding schedule, they come up like clockwork annually on the same day each year! That said, we should be seeing ramps any day now that April has begun. The unusual occurrence of the polar vortex this year might affect these crops a bit; but they should be close to their annual schedule. We have a warm rain this morning, so nature is on course!

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