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Fall is one of the best times to enjoy our leafy greens and vegetables- nights are cooler, so that flavors are more concentrated and at their best. Mesclun, Spinach, Wild Arugula, Kale, Mustards and Frisee are all being harvested daily.

It's also time to start organizing our trip to our winter farm in FL. We don't head down all at once. First are our guys who plow and prep the beds for seeding. We bring the equipment they need followed by our seeder and the team who does that work. In NY, we'll start our transplants for Florida soon. By setting out plants we can get a jump on the season by a couple of weeks. Butterheads, Frisée, Lollo Rosso, Curly Kale and Tuscan Kale will be laid on top of the new beds in the open field on in Florida where they'll immediate start sending their roots down into the warm soil.

Satur Farms became involved with BPeace, an NPO with the mission of linking small business owners in poverty/violence-stricken countries with similar businesses in the USA, giving them knowledge and inspiration to expand their businesses, employ more people, and generate more revenues. We'll be hosting Adela and her father from Guatemala in Oct. Their business is very similar to ours, and we look forward to the exchange of information. We've also linked some of our restaurant and food colleagues to BPeace, who have mentored visitors. You can find out more about BPeace, The Business Council for Peace at: http://www.bpeace.org/

We continue to expand our connection to education with visits this Fall from BOCES and the NYU Steinhardt School for Food Studies. BOCES focus is on workforce education; we're excited to show their students the opportunities in the agricultural sphere. NYU's Graduate Class on Sustainability will concentrate on innovations in sustainable agriculture.

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We are HACCP Certified for Food Safety by SCS Scientific, with a 'SUPERIOR' rating.

Hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

Paulette Satur & Eberhard Müller