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Pest Control

  We find that if you follow good farming practices, pest pressure is dramatically reduced. Healthy soil that is alive with beneficial organism keeps the harmful bacteria and fungus that can cause disease in check. Some pests can be controlled by wise use of irrigation or crop rotations. When faced with a problem, we use a biological or organically approved pesticide.

For control of such plant pathogens as powerdy mildew, pythium, fusarium, and phytophthora, we use biofungicides. Biological fungicides are beneficial microbes that protect plants. Unlike mineral fungicides, they supplement rather than harm the biological life already present in your soil.

For insect control, we use either biological insecticides or plant extracts that have incesticidal properties. Biologicals are naturally-occurring insecticidal organisms, usually bacteria, which attack only specific pests. Not only are they insect-specific, but are also biodegradable and non-toxic to humans, animals, beneficial insects, and the environment. They are very short-lived and degrade quickly in sunlight.

Other insecticides such as Neem and Pyrethins are extracts from plants. Pyrethrins, an extract of the crushed dried flowers of a chrysanthemum, is helpful in controlling the small holes in Arugula leaves caused by beetles.